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Natural Born Killers

Do you believe there are people born with a natural instinct to kill? Do you believe that if these people had been taught from the very beginning that life is precious, it would have made a difference? Do you feel it possible to reach inside the hearts of these people?

I’m not talking about those who have found themselves in a situation where it was either their life or the person attempting to kill him, nor am I talking about those who have committed murder because of passion.

I recently read about a case where one child stabbed and killed another child with a pencil. Was this child born with the instinct to kill? Most kids get into fights with other kids and only punch or kick at each other. These children seem to have an instinct not to go any further because if they do, they could seriously injure or even kill another child.

I remember when I was a little girl; there was this little girl who would always pinch me so terribly that she'd actually dig her nails into the flesh of my arms or legs. I could have stopped her by pinching her back, but it never crossed my mind to do it. I apparently wasn’t afraid of her, because I’d always go to her house to play with her. What was it in her that made it possible to cause so very much pain by pinching me?

What confuses me even further is the fact that I’ve read of cases where excellent parents raise their children by teaching them how to love and respect others, and by taking them all to church on Sundays. All have grown to be loving and productive human-beings, while one has grown up to come a vicious murderer.

I’ve also known of many cases where children were born and raised in the worst part of town, but many grew up to become productive law abiding citizens, while the others grew up to be criminals.


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