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Playgirl Spying on Butt Hole


There’s this guy who friended me this past year. He seemed like a nice guy, so I added him to my Flist, also.

He told me he was an author and that has written novels, poetry, songs, and even comics, and had published quite a few of them. I visited his web site, and honest to God, I wasn’t impressed by what I saw or read. His grammar is worse than mine!

After about a month, I quickly deleted him because I found that he was a racist. It’s strange, but I’m addicted to reading what this jerk has to say in his journal. Of course, I only lurk around and have never, or will I ever leave a comment. He’s constantly complaining about something, he constantly uses the F word, and he persistently TOOTS his own horn about how he’s always right about everything, and what a genius he is. Oh, and I think he thinks he's Superman! heh heh Little does he know that he’s just a big butt hole, and how I’d love to put on my old Army boots and thrust one of them up his ass! He somehow manages to bring out the beast in me! YUP!

Could someone please tell me why it is I read his journal all the time?! Must I see a shrink?! :o(

No way Jose, am I going to mention his user name.


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Tags: deleted, donkey hole, friends, livejornal, question, racism, sick
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