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Pigeons used as target practice

Live Pigeons Used For Target Practice

I made some phone calls today, to report the asshole that I saw Yesterday, trapping 100’s of pigeons with his tent like net. I found that he was not breaking the law, and in fact, there are many like this beast that are hired by companies to get rid of the pigeons, which they call pests! What these heartless assholes then do is go and sell them, where they will be used for target practice!! How can any hunter have the heart to shot these poor defenseless little birds, which have just as much right to live as we do?

I was told that before, using a poison called Avitrol was used as a pest control on them, but that has been stopped. These poor pigeons would die a horrible and painful death.

As for the POOR EXCUSE OF A MAN letting his dog loose to go and kill the cat, I can’t do anything about that, either. I’d have to have proof, and I don’t. I’ve been thinking of going back there and waiting to see if I see him again, so I can video tape him, but the problem is, when and how many times does he go to that spot?

What he did was go there because train toppers filled with grain, have some of the grain falling down onto the ground. The man goes with a shovel and scoops it up and places it under the tent like net he has placed. When the pigeons come to eat, he drops the tent, trapping all the pigeons.

I just can’t forget how I saw all the pigeons terrified, trying to escape!! The cat that I saw was skin and bone, and looks ill, because I know he has suffered great hunger and thirst. He’s probably eaten pigeons that have been poisoned with that horrible Avitrol, too!

Why not use clay pigeons instead of live ones?

How I'd love to trap that slob of a man, who was so nasty with me, and sell him for target practice! I'd be the first in line to try and shoot him!

They are calling net trapping of pigeons more humane than poisoning them. I found this link and I sure don’t find it more humane at all!!

Target Practice for Animal Activists

I found on the web a much better solution for businesses for eliminating the nesting on roofs by these pigeons, but I’m sure many of them won’t go through the expense.

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