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Mass, Animal Abuse

I’ve already started the New Year off on the wrong foot!

I decided to go to mass today. When I got there, the priest summoned this woman to go to the pulpit and make endless announcements that just wouldn’t end. Then the priest gave mass. When he finished, he started making more announcements on how much more money we should contribute to the church. He then started asking who was born on this day. There were two people who raised their hand and were asked by the priest to go to the front so we could all sing happy birthday to them. Then he asked who had an anniversary on this day. A woman raised her hand, and was asked to go to the front, and then we all had to sing and clap. Then he asked who was there from another parish. We had to clap for each and every one of them. It all just dragged on and on. I was hungry, I was thirsty and I needed to go to the bathroom!

I just didn’t get a darn good thing in going to church. In fact, I only felt anger and frustration!! I now feel like a dog for leaving church with anger, instead of a heart filled with love and peace!

When I left, I passed by this railroad and saw something that got my attention. I parked my car to see what was going on and saw hundreds of pigeons eating grain that had fallen of one of the railroad toppers. I then saw a huge tent like net above them and a man standing next to his truck with a dog inside. Then he popped something that sounded like firecrackers and the net suddenly shot up and fell down, trapping all the pigeons. I looked to the side and saw a cat. When the man saw the cat, he opened his truck door and let the dog loose to get the cat. The dog ran ferociously after the cat and was just about to attack it, when the cat ran up a utility pole and saved himself.

I ran screaming at the man. He quickly called the dog back and put him back into his truck. I yelled at him that I had seen how he’d let loose of his dog to kill the cat. I demanded he tell me what he was going to do with the pigeons, and he told me in a very nasty manner that he had ever right to do it, because they were going to this place where they used them for target practice. I told him that I was going to report him for animal abuse, and he snarled at me to go ahead! Asshole!!

I realize I can’t do anything about it today, but tomorrow I plan on making calls to see where I report the heartless piece of shit!

NOTHING on this earth makes me angrier than animal abuse and cruelty!

Chega de Saudade
Composição: Tom Jobim e Vinícius
Músicas fora do Brasil

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"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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