Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

1. Never has there been a war that’s been as confusing to so many as the one we’re in now.

My only concern is for the America and its people. The longer our soldiers stay in Iraq, the more we trigger the fires of hatred toward us. When is it going to end? I honestly believe it never will, because we have ventured into something that we never should have.

This is a war that our soldiers are dying for in Iraq, began since Hagar gave birth to Ishmael and Sara gave birth to Isaac.

When will we finally bring our soldiers back home? Isn’t is obvious that there is absolutely no solution to the violent conflicts the Middle East has been going through since the book of Genesis was written?

I find it ironic that the three major religions, that are suppose to be for peace and tolerance, have in fact always been the opposite.

I believe the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem has had everything to do, since close to the beginning of time, with all the bloody violence in the Middle East, but I don’t understand in what way it has.

I am a true believer of the apocalyptic end of times prophesies. I would ask President Bush who says he’s a Christian, and I’m sure he’s read the Book of Revelation, how in the world does he believe it possible to start a new democratic country in a country that has only know violence, and all in the name of religion. Let those people fight their own battles, battles they have fought always. There is no solution to this problem over there, and there never will be. Our soldiers continue to be slaughtered over there, and all for what?

There’s a great difference between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Islam and Judaism are willing to die martyrs for their beliefs, while the majority of we Christians are not.

2. I was very much for this war, right after 911, because I was enraged beyond belief at how the so many people were murdered in such a cowardly manner. I wanted BLOOD! When I found out that Osama bin Laden, from Afghanistan was responsible, I wanted revenge badly. Never in my life had I felt so incredibly patriotic. But now, I feel I was lied to in so many ways, because suddenly, Iraq was in the picture instead of Afghanistan, and Saddam Hussein was captured instead of Osama bin Laden, and in fact, bin Laden has somehow been forgotten because I sure haven’t heard mention of his name anymore.

I can’t bear anymore to hear all these men and women I hear on the news, men and women who continue to demand we continue this war in Iraq. I just can’t bear it anymore because I know for a fact, that if they had a beloved family member over there, they’d be the first to cry out that they be brought back. It’s so easy to be brave when you’re dressed in fancy professional clothes and sitting behind a desk safely, to demand we continue with this war.

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