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Playgirl's Trip Into Cd. Juarez, Mexico


Cd. Juárez, Mexico has a population of over 2 million people,
and driving over there is as crazy as can be, but I love
driving there. I love the feel of terror and I always make a
secret little bet with myself that I'll make it back to the
U.S. alive! heh heh

I got a little lost here. Pedistrians have all the rights
to walk in the streets. You hit them, you die! :o(

Just in case a cop stops me for some violation,
I'm well prepared. I flirt outrageously with him,
PLUS I hand him a couple of bucks to bribe him! heh heh

Heading back to the U.S. This bridge you have to
pay to get across. I decided to take it because
it's much faster. About 45 minute wait.

The lines are pretty long, but I'm almost there!

I'm now in El Paso, Texas. See all those people down there?
They are from Mexico, shopping in Texas! Who says they
don't spend their money here?!! Without them, down town dies
for sure!! They are NOT illegals, they have passports to
enter the U.S. to shop.


Here I've decided to take the free bridge to go into Juarez.

You take a firearm into Mexico, you can make plans
to rot in jail for the rest of your life! :o(

This must be my lucky day. Hardly no traffic! :o)

Oh my! The line going back to the U.S. is pretty long.

I'm approaching the Mexican Inspection. Please God, let
the light be green, because if it turns red, they will
pull me aside and search every nook and cranny of my car!!

YAY! I passed and the light was green! :o) Had I gotten
the red light, they would have pulled me in where you
see the white truck and other vehicles!

Oh lookie! A cop! Hope he doesn't catch me taking his
pic, because it's a NO, NO!

YAY! I took his pic and he didn't see me! :o)

Oh no! Look at the lines. They are so long!

God! It's going to take me hours to get back into the U.S.!

No way! This just can't be!

What a nightmare! I've driven half a mile
and can't find an end to the lines!!

Had to make a U-TURN to take a pic of this!

It took me 2 1/2 hours to get to this point!!
There are about 14 inspection lines opened!
Oh well, I'll soon be get to yell out AMERICAN,
and I'll be in the good old U.S.A.! :o)

These 1000's of vehicles are from Mexico are going into the
U.S. to shop. Who the hell says we don't need Mexico?!
Without Mexico, El Paso, Texas goes broke.

I remember right after 911 when it was almost
impossible for Mexicans to drive into El Paso.

All the stores were empty. Sam's, Costco's,
Wal-Mart, just to name a few, were going broke!!

Thanks to Mexico and Ft. Bliss, our economy is doing just fine! :o)

Please give a
dog a home!!

Mais Que Nada

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