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Just Nutty Stuff!

Memory Lane

I must have been about 15 years old, when I went for the first time to an optomtrist, and when I had my very first date with a guy.

Me: I had my eyes examined today, and the doctor told me I have an astigmatism.
Date: What's an astigmatism?
Me: My doctor says that my rectum (meant to say retina) is suppose to be round, like a baseball, but apparently, my rectum is kinda the shape of a football.
Date: Your rectum??!!!
Me: Yes.
Date: Uncontrolable laughter.
Me: Finally dawns on me what I had just said and dies a million deaths!

Conclusion: Had I said cornea, instead of trying to say retina, I never would have said rectum.

This blooper of mine spread throughout the school like wild fire!

Perks of being all grown up? One can laugh at ones own bloopers!
I'm freezing! My fingers and toes feel like icicles, and I LOVE IT!

Honestly, some people need to just lock themselves in their own homes, and close all the mini blinds, and stop snooping into other peoples business!

This odious woman finds this Nativity scene offensive. What she needs to start doing is going after all those who are trying to ban the Nativity from all public places!

Black Nativity Scene Video

OMG! And here I just stated in my past post that Trump was a nice guy for giving Tara a 2nd chance! I TAKE IT BACK! :o(

How dare he call Rosie ugly?! Hasn't he looked at himself in the mirror lately?!


For those of you who can't view Youtube, here's a MSNBC link:
Rosie Fires Back at Trump After Lawsuit Threat
A Day To Remember With Sadness:
DECEMBER 21, 1988
Pan Am Flight 103

Numa Banheira de Espuma
O Que Não Falta é Apetite

Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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