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1. A friend took me to see The Nutcracker this past Saturday. In my other life, I will become a famous ballerina for sure!

When he found out I was into coffee again, he gave me this very nice gift. What I loved more than anything was the gumball gift bag the coffee and mug came in!

2. When I got to work this morning in my car, guess who I found hiding in the back seat? Two of my stray cats!!! I had to drive back home and drop the stinkers off!!

3. I HATE to shop and never buy Christmas gifts. What I do is have a big gathering at my house for Christmas with all my friends and family. This Christmas I plan on making a Potpourri of stuff to eat. I'm going to make homemade pizza, my famous ORIGINAL chile con queso, and a giant pot of menudo. I still have to buy lots of red chile and green chile with cheese tamales from this place that makes the most delicious ones in the world. I'll be making lots of hot Mexican Champurrado, and Margaritas, of course! :o)

No, I'm not that big of a cheap skate, because I buy and pay for the whole meal, plus I buy little Christmas stockings and shove $10.00 in each stocking so they can buy whatever they want.

All my brothers will be flying in, even the one who will be going to Iraq. He's flying in from Kansas, and this will be the very last time we'll see him for over a year. He says their training the soldiers in a big way, and they must all learn how to speak Arabic by the time they leave. Too bad my dad never taught us the language!

I haven't been too much in the Christmas spirit, and have been feeling very sad for quite sometime now. Can't seem to shake it.

January is just around the corner, and it will be an extremely depressing month for me because of my mother. The holidays are the hardest to cope with because it becomes more obvious than ever that she is gone. I wonder if it ever becomes easier. I can't see how it can.

4. The traffic is horrible here. Today I tried to take a pic of the traffic going east. There were more giant diesel rigs than cars, driving bumper to bumper. It's really frightening when you’re stuck with two of them on each side, front and back of you! This is what you get for living in a border city! And to think that we'll be having 20,000 soldiers, with their families, moving to Ft. Bliss! I just can't imagine how so many cars with be able to fit in an already filled to the rim freeway!!

The pics aren't too good, because I was traveling about 75 miles per hour when I took them. Sorry about the smudge on my windshield, but a bird decided to poo on it!

Where I drew the red arrows, that's as far
as the eye can see of 5 lanes of giant rigs!

5. I got to wear my black wool coat that I bought at the 2nd hand store two years ago for a mere 3 BUCKS!! YAY! This is the first time in two years that it was actually cold. Last year, the only thing we were able to wear was a light sweater because it was almost like summer.

Perhaps it will snow. I've forgotten how snow feels. If it ever does, I've made plans to build the most handsome snowman in the world. I also want to just throw myself into the snow and make a snow angel with my body. Would you believe that Panchito, Jewely, and all my cats have never seen snow?! If it does snow, I'm going to be there taking pictures of them to see what reaction they have! :o)

Una Canción Muy Romántica

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