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Andre Rieu, Cats Dead Bird,
Strange Letter, What's For Dinner?

1. The YouTube video I put in my LJ does Andre Rieu no justice. He was more wonderful than I can express with mere words; so wonderful that I found myself going into some form of depression with each song that was played. I suppose it was the good kind of depression, because his music somehow forced me to look at my own life, some of the happy parts, and some of the sad and tragic parts I’ve experienced throughout my lifetime.

2. Yesterday morning, I found a big bird on my porch. All my cats were eating it, and this upset me as you’ll never imagine. I quickly took it away from them, and hollered for Grandpa to attend to the matter because I was already running late for work. I’m still very angry at my cats for killing it, because there was no need. I make sure they have plenty of food, twice a day.

Thanks to my cats, my whole day was messed up yesterday!

3. Could you give me your thoughts on something I received in the mail yesterday? I don't know what to make of it. Is it for real, or is it just a ploy to get me to sign up for what they offer? Never in my life had I ever heard of LexisNexis until I received this letter. I am a little worried because a while back, all military veteran’s personal information was lost, but they later informed us that all was fine.

This is just one small part of what it says:

I am writing to you on behalf of LexisNexis, and our affiliate company, Seisint, because we believe that a Seisint law enforcement customer's user ID may have been used in an unauthorized manner that allowed some personal information about you to be viewed. That information may have included your name, address, Social Security number and/or Driver's License number. We understand that such unauthorized use or exposure may create a risk of identity theft and we treat it very seriously. Although we have no evidence that your information has been misused, we are notifying you so that you can, if you deem appropriate, take additional steps to protect your personal information. We deeply regret that individuals like you, who are the primary beneficiaries of LexisNexis products and services, may have been affected by the incident.

4. On a more macabre note, I found this interesting UGGY UGGY little tidbit. If the meat tastes a little sweet, it’s best you call the FBI!!

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