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André Rieu

André Rieu

It's just about that time and I can hardly wait to go see one of my many loves, André Rieu, and I have this darling of a person thank for inviting me!

I don't know if it will be permitted to take pics inside, but if it is, I'll be sure to share many pictures of him with you.

I'm sure you've all heard of this incredibly talented man, but if some of you haven't, here he is in Youtube. Enjoy!

I hope to hear him play one of my all time favorite songs, Romeo & Juliet!

The dress I'll be wearing on the 11th of this month will be the same dress I'll be buried in, and already worn it on 2 other ocassions. Am I frugal or not! heh heh

André Rieu playing Bolero de Ravel.

Victory, Bond and André Rieu
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