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I love going to cemeteries, and recently went to this old one. While looking down at the tombstones, I tried to imagine what these peoples lives had been like.

Some of the graves had larger-than-life stone which were now as ugly as could be, while most had ugly little crosses made of wood, with half of the wood rotted away. There wasn't a fresh flower in sight, only artificial ones that were obviously placed there decades ago. All I saw was dust, tumbleweed and a few strewn rusted tin cans about the grounds.

Why is there racism? When did it start? Why is there so much emphasis on the color of our skin? Who invented racism? Will there ever be an end to racism?

Sorry if I come across in a grossly manner here, but aren't we all made of flesh, bone and blood? Don't we all laugh and cry, and have hopes and dreams? Don't we all pee and poo the same? Someday we will ALL go to that mystifying place with nothing, not even the shirt on our back. One hundred years from now, will the living know we once walked this earth?

I recall the day I bumped into an old high school buddy of mine, who is now married to the brother of Joe Blow, the guy I once dated back then. I asked this buddy how Joe Blow was doing. My old buddy told me in an arrogant manner, that she didn't know, because they didn't socialize with him because she and her husband were too SUPERIOR to him. My eyes rolled up toward the sky, I gasped, and then bid her farewell.

I've asked myself why she and Joe Blow's brother feel SUPERIOR to Joe Blow. Sure, my buddy is a teacher and her husband is the supervisor for this certain anti drug program, but then, Joe Blow is a teacher, also.

Were my buddy and her husband born into money? NO

Are they exceptionally attractive? NO

Have they made some grand contribution to humanity? NO

Are they famous? NO

Were they born with blue blood? NO

Perhaps they graduate from some prestigious university like Harvard, Yale or Princeton? NO

Are they rich? NO

If they feel SUPERIOR to Joe Blow, I KNOW they feel SUPERIOR to me.

Oh, and racism does NOT exist ONLY between people of different races, but among people of the SAME race, too!

The causes that lurk behind the racist's mind, is just as perplexing to me, as what causes and lurks behind the mind of a serial killer.

I will never understand the reasoning of those who suffer from a superiority complex, or racism, because as God is my witness I have never felt I am, or will ever feel, that I am better than anyone else. I have also felt and known that I am no less than anyone else, either.

Here is a selection from my favorite, Desiderata:

"If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain or bitter,
for always there will be greater
and lesser persons than yourself."

Playgirl's Manhã de Carnaval
Coleção Na Música Brasileira

Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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