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Cost of Illegal Immigration

I live in a border city, and I see so many things that turn my stomach.

I have PERSONALLY seen this twice. I saw it yesterday when I went to Cd. Juarez, Mexico. I was in line to get back across to the U.S., when I saw this large group of people dash into the U.S. They ran every which way, which made it impossible for the Border Patrol to capture them.

The other day, I saw the Border Patrol in their jeep right across the Rio Grande, when about 8 guys ran across to the U.S., right in front of the jeep. Border Patrol must have called for help, because a couple of other Border Patrolmen were there in no time. They ran after the guys and caught one of them. When the illegals saw that they weren’t going to succeed, they ran back into Mexico.

What will happen to the illegal that was caught? Border Patrol will drive him to this far off place which I can’t recall the name, and drop him off.

There’s talk of taxing us further because the county hospital is running out of funds. I hate to imagine how many babies are born there that belongs to mothers who cross over the border just to have their babies here.

I have a friend, who has a degree in social work. The type of work this friend has lasts until the program is over, then this friend is left without a job, and has to wait for the next available job. This friend has worked since teenage hood.

This friend of mine DOES NOT have health insurance, but all those who are here illegally have it, plus they have housing, free food, school for their children, college grants where they don’t have to pay a penny because they qualify due to little money, and many more benefits.

You are not going to believe what I’m about to share with you. I found proof that this woman, who is getting every benefit from the government, has a man living with her and her kids. He is NOT supposed to be living there. I made a phone call and reported it. A woman from the department came to my house, along with the woman I had reported, and asked me in front of her if she had a man living with her!!!! Of course, I said NOOOOOO!!!! The man is an illegal and looks as evil as can be, and I’ll be damned if I’ll place myself in future danger because of the stupidity of that woman. I just can’t believe the stupidity of the woman who did this to me.

PLEASE! American Government! PLEASE! Find a way to stop illegals from entering this country! I CANNOT afford it anymore!!

My heart breaks for them, but my heart breaks even more when I find that I’m sinking lower and lower into poverty because my taxes keep going up, up, and UP!! And it makes me sick to my stomach that my friend, who is an American citizen and who worked hard for a degree, can’t afford to go to a doctor because this friend can’t afford it; yet, those illegals have the best medical care imaginable!!

Do you really believe a fence will keep them away? HELL NO! The only thing that will happen is that we will be taxed to death to build it, and it will be for NOTHING!


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