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Thanksgiving, Police Shooting,
Puppy Oven, Youtube

Why am I becoming more and more uptight of policemen, as time goes by? Because of this! And I'll bet my bottom dollar, some kind of excuse will miraculously be found to get these trigger happy cops off the hook!!

I know full well that there are good cops out there to protect us from crime, but which are the good ones and which are the bad?!

"Police sprayed 50 rounds at the car, hitting the vehicle 21 times, and hit nearby homes, though no residents were injured."

NYPD Shooting That Claimed Groom on Wedding Day Stemmed From Undercover Operation

I found this yesterday on the internet, and it has upset and angered me to no end. How I wish this these two DEMONS would were sent directly to Iraq and given the most vicious and horrific death possible!

Sorry I'm leading you to a site like this, but it's the only way so you can see a most disgusting video of two of the worst dushbags in the world that should be incarcerated for the rest of their disgusting lives!!


And this guy should be sizzled to a crisp in the electric chair!
Man puts puppy in warm oven


1. I'm exhausted. Had way too many people over for Thanksgiving. There was much happiness, yet there was a sadness and fear for the brother who will be going to Iraq. He has already flown back to San Antonio, and the remaining three brothers will fly back to California tomorrow.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

I didn't have too many distant cousins stay overnight, since I had forewarned them that they'd have to pay hotel prices if they stayed.

Between my friend Lolly, Grandpa and I, we ended up cooking a huge delicious Thanksgiving meal! Some of you already know that I have never in my life eaten turkey or anything that has feathers, and had my usual pork chop. I honest to God believe I was some kind of bird in my other life, so there's no way in hell I could ever eat one of my kin!!

2. As you all know, I'm ADDICTED to Youtube, and now I have a video of one of my brother's there! It's the brother that I once put a ridiculous pic of here on my LJ without his permission! There will be about 4 more videos of him that I'll be putting on Youtube TODAY!

3. I'm all excited because in my last post, I made my first poll!! I'll be making a post about how I feel about building a fence, and how illegals have affected my life very soon. I hope I won't be stepping on any toes, but I'm sure I'll lose some LJ friends, because every time I write about some controversial subject, I lose at least 5 friends! I hope I won't but I must express my honest feelings about this, and I hope you will share your feelings, too.

Here I'm eating Thanksgiving left overs
with my Dad, Jewely and brothers.

Here I'm grabbing more leftovers to make
my big butt even bigger! :o(

We made two turkeys.

Ham was really good. Made it with my Mother's
recipe of beer, brown sugar and pinapple juice.

Here I'm holding the Sweet Potato
pie Lolly made. It was delicious!

Carlos Santana

Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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