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What in the world has happened to us? When did trying to help a child who is lost, become such a dangerous thing for adults trying to help?

About a year ago, I gave this TRUE example:

This elderly lady told me this story that had happened to her. This lady is most respectable, and has grown children and grand children.

She was shopping with her daughter at a K-Mart store. Suddenly she heard this little girl crying because she couldn’t find her mother. The elderly lady took her by the hand, and started going with her to the front counter, so the clerk could use the microphone and let the mother of the child know she was there.

This is what the elderly lady’s intensions were, but she didn’t make it to the front counter, because the mother of the child saw her taking her child by the hand. Right away, the mother became hysterical and accused the elderly lady of trying to kidnap her child!

These are the types of incidents that are most frightening for would be Good Samaritans. I hope to God, I never encounter a child in need of help, because I’d be terrified of finding myself accused of something horrible, by the mother!!

As for HUGS, I love getting them and giving them! The tighter the better! But I’m starting to wonder if I should STOP, because some people are making HUGS out to be something perverted!

What has this world come to?!!

Playgirl's Quote For This Day:

"Hugs are part of everybody life for me. I’ll hug
all sorts of people - I don’t worry about it
looking unmanly or whatever. I think physical
human contact is one of the things that makes
living worthwhile."
- A.J. McLean

La Música Española en la Época
del Emperador Carlos V

Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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