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Playgirl World Today 11-18-2006

Playgirl World Today 11-18-2006

Took this pic early this morning. Here we're getting close to December, and as you can see, the trees are still green. I must admit, it is just a touch nippy and had to wear a light sweater.

Woke way too early this morning, and decided to make Menudo in my pressure cooker! Grandpa and I had it for brunch!

I personally like to top my bowl of menudo with cabbage, lots of chopped onions, radishes, lime, extra oregano and flaked chile peppers, and Parmasean cheese.

Had to go ride my bike like crazy, because my blood sugar started getting out of control! Oh, but the menudo was worth it! :o)

And this is what was greeting me this morning! Be still my heart!

There have been FIVE little kittens all along; two white ones, two yellow ones, and ONE gray one. Have I gone quacky or something? I see TWO gray kittens in this pic. Now, what I'd like to know is, where in the hell did that second little gray kitten come from???!!! Looks like I now have a total of SEVENTEEN cats AGAIN!!

I looked up, and this is what I saw!

I looked to the side, and I saw a cat in a tree!

Lolly, Norma, Glory and I went to a baby shower yesterday. There must have been over 50 girls there; NO guys! I tell you, we girls really behave NASTY when we get together!

I was the only one of the four, that didn't get to drink liquor, because I was the designated driver!! NO Margarita for me! :o(

Our friend Becky received oodles of wonderful baby gifts.

We played many games for prizes. I won one when Becky yelled out that the person who was wearing PINK, would get a prize. I WON lip gloss and blush! I was wearing PINK PANTIES! YAY!

We played another game that was so NASTY, but it was fun and as FUNNY as could be. We all had to walk in a circle, as the music played. We had to pass this PENIS AND BALLS between our knees, from girl to girl. When the music would stop, the girl with the PENIS between her knees would lose. This PENIS was made out of a stocking, stuffed with cotton, and at the end, there were two testicles made out of cotton, too! It looked EXACTLY like a GIANT penis!! After the game was over, we all started throwing the PENIS to each other, and making terrible jokes about it! I told you girls go WILD when in a large group! Lolly WON, and got 4 scented pomegranate candles, which I loved, and asked her if, she'd like to trade them for my gloss and blush. She said yes.

After I dropped them all home, I ended up getting to my house at about 9 PM.

I didn't take any pics, because I forgot my camera! Damn!

Playgirl's Befitting Quote For This Day:

"I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little
by little, they become its visible soul."
- Jean Cocteau

Mea Maxima Culpa

Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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