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Driver's License

The Day Playgirl Got Her Driver's License

And on with the smiles! :o)

It’s a miracle I ever got my driver’s license.

First let me say that I had driven a car two times in my life, when I decided to go get my driver’s license. A high school friend of mine drove me to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles in his old standard car. I was so excited!

I passed the written test, then went outside and got into the car with this examiner who greeted me with a big smile. I started the car and started driving off. Both our heads were bobbing back and forth, and on more than one ocassion, motor would stall and our bodies would jump so high, our heads would bump the ceiling. To this day, I just can’t understand how our necks didn’t break. One of the times, the car shook so badly that the solid steel nob on the floor shift popped off and landed right by the man’s feet. While still driving, I reached down to try and grab it, the car jumped the curb, but was stopped instantly by this blood curdling scream the man had yelled. He was a nervous wreck. He told me to stop the car, and I did. He grabbed the ball from between his feet, shoved it in rage, back on the floor shift, and yelled at me to never continue driving a vehicle while bending down to reach for something on the floor. I started the car again and on we went, heads continued bobbing back and forth like crazy. His face was now the color of ash, and he wasn’t smiling.

We got to these two poles, and he told me in a trembling voice to park the car in between the two poles. I pulled in and ran over the pole in front of me. He told me to stop the car, as he got out to stand the pole again, then got back in the car. I pulled in and managed not to run over the pole, but when I hit reverse, I ran over the pole in back of me. Again, he got out and stood the pole up, and got in the car. This went on forever. As much as I tried, I continued running over the poles.

In desperation, he yelled at me to drive back to the license branch parking lot. When we got there, he was shaking like crazy, and looked just terrible. Close to tears, I asked him if I had failed. He told me NO! You passed, because if I fail you, you’ll have to come back, and with my luck, I’ll get you again!

As God is my witness, this is how I got my drivers license.

Kids, could you please tell me how you got yours?

I took this pic this morning of a couple of trees in my front yard. Still wearing summer clothes because it's still warm and sunny.

I really hope Old Man Winter doesn't forget to drop by, like he did last year!! I want to make a snowman!

Playgirl's Most Befitting Quote For This Day:

"We seek peace, knowing that
peace is the climate of freedom."
- Dwight D. Eisenhower

Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

Playgirl's Música do Brasil
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