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There’s this place down town, close to the border, where a bunch of men gather in hopes of someone picking them up to work in either construction or yard work. I went early in the morning yesterday, and asked if any of them knew how to plaster walls and paint. I chose two of them and brought them home to start working in my dining room. Today is the second day they’ve been working, and are doing a fabulous job. The hallway was painted by me and Grandpa, and I’ll tell you, it took us forever because the ceilings in my house are incredibly high!

I had them scrape off completely the old plaster, put new plaster, and seal whatever cracks there were. Tomorrow they start brocading the walls, and the next, they will paint. I chose a very light apricot color.

The rest of the house is in very good shape for being about 50 years old, but for some reason, the dining room wasn't.

I decided to have this done because I’m having all my brothers here from California and San Antonio. I’ll have lots of cousins, aunts and uncles from out of town, and all my dear friends. I want that day to be special because I won’t be seeing my brother again, until next year, because right after Thanksgiving, he has to go to Kansas for training, then to Iraq in December. How I wish he didn’t have to go, and am worried sick, as are my entire family. I just don't know how I will be able to handle this, but I always manage to amaze myself by my strenght, but if something happens to him, I just don't know. How I wish this war were over!

I'll take pics after it's all done. These are a few pictures I took today:

Here they've already torn down all the old plaster,
and are putting brand new one back on. After this
is done, they will start brocading the walls, then
they will paint them. For some unexplained reason,
I just don't care for the one facing this way.

Here they've torn down the old plaster.

Anyway, I hope you all have a SPOOKY BOO BOO HALLOWEEN!
Tonight is the night I've been waiting for. I'll be in
total solitude, watching some more scary, bloody,
decapitated heads on film! Hope my spooky Shadow People
won't be too frightened! heh heh

Playgirl, Grandpa and
all the Critters!

Playgirl's Deadly Thriller

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