Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

I’ve been watching horror movies since Friday evening. Yesterday, I watched the Monsterfest channel which showed Children of the Corn, The Exorcist, classic vampire movies, and a couple of more that had to do with devils. I’m a nervous wreck right now and I LOVE it! I plan on renting The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Phantom of the Opera on Halloween night.

Saturday, I went to this costume party at a little lounge which is right in front of this ancient cemetery. Just about everybody wore some pretty great costumes. Guess what I did for my own? Nothing! All I did was go to the grocery store and buy a small bag of beef liver! When I was just about to enter the lounge, I messed my hair all up and put little smudges of liver blood on my face. A lot of people looked at me because it REALLY looked as though someone had beaten the hell out of me!

Around midnight, we all went across the street and walked through the very large Concordia cemetery! It was really SPOOKY!

These are the two little gifts that were given to us. Although I don’t like beer, I really like them. Too bad the black bat necklace doesn’t say MARGARITAS!! The little bottle cap lights up. Here’s a pic of the back side so you can see the tiny batteries.

I'm also experimenting to see if these pics download faster than they did before.

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