Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

Things are going much better with my LJ. I contacted LJ Support yesterday, to state all the problems I've been having with my LJ for the past 2 months. They replied immediately with some temporary solutions until they’d investigate the problems and take actions to fix them.

I was told to enable video and image placeholders on my Friends page, and to disable the contexual popup. Today, I noticed that my LJ is going much faster than before, but my Edit Friends page is taking about 2 minutes to download, but this is okay with me because before, it was taking more than TEN minutes, which allowed me to do ONLY one edit at a time!!

I really appreciate those LJ friends who tried to give me solutions!

I thought I was going quacky with all these LJ problems, and thought I was the only one, until [info]charliemc told me that
[info]mistressmarilyn was having the exact problem!

I don't know why [info]mistressmarilyn and I were the chosen ones to experience this most aggravating problem!!

I KNEW it wasn't my computer, because I tried surfing my LJ from many other ones, and I still had the problem. It was STRANGE, that whenever I WOULD NOT log in, I could surf LJ's without a problem, but just as soon as I'd log in, the awful problems would start.

Hopefully, LJ will find a solution to mistressmarilyn's and my problem. For now my LJ is doing much better.

As I mentioned before, I created a journal back in September, because of all these problems I've been having with my Live Journal. I've been too lazy to start all over again with my new Sexy Legs Great Journal, since I've been with Live Journal like forever, and I do love it! I was really getting desperate in trying to find some other place on the web to express my craziness, and for an insane moment thought of joining My Space, but NAH!!!

So, I'll be posting more than ever here, because I'm an opinionated blabbermouth and I always have too much to express! :o)

I love these LJ KIDS for trying to help me with my LJ problem!!

[info]inspectorjury and [info]esoterictrinity recommend I use Seamagic client, and I will look into it!

Thanks to [info]harley1456, [info]cosmicjohn, and [info]a_phoenix, who directed me to a places where I could see who had added me to their FList, and who had thrown me away like a chewed up old dried up bone!!

[info]diepunyhuman [info]sputnik [info]apollo2516 [info]harfafnor [info]tomcatshanger [info]forrest303 [info]poetpaladin [info]moon_shine [info]hajiomatic [info]grocible

All in all, LIVE JOURNAL is wonderful! I was pleasantly surprised that they almost immediately responded to my request for help!!

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