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1. I have Roadrunner. Roadrunner is as FAST as can be. When I surf the ENTIRE web, the downloads (ARE INSTANT) takes less than ONE SECOND. MY Live Journal takes forever to download. It is NOT my computer, because I’ve tried it with OTHER computers.

2. I have placed a lj cut on the majority of my graphics. I have NO idea why other LJs have HUGE graphics, and they download FAST!!!!!! But NOT so with me!!!

3. It takes me approximately SEVEN MINUTES to go into my FRIENDS EDIT page!!!!! Once I’m in there, it takes me another THREE minutes to edit ONE at a time!!!

4. I have MANY LJ Friends. MANY add me as a LJ friend, and MANY DE-FRIEND me from their LJ Friends list. QUESTION!! Is there a place where I can EASILY see who BEFRIENDED ME and who DE-FRIENDED ME???!!

5. I started having these PROBLEMS about TWO months ago, and reported to LJ. It got a TINY bit better, but NOW, it’s worse than ever!!!

6. Please REMIND me again, WHERE do I go to COMPLAIN??!!

7. I’ve been PAID member for the longest time. I’ve PAID for 100 EXTRA icons. I’ve PAID for a few of my LJ friends PAID MEMBERSHIP, and have PAID for them to have 100 EXTRA icons, also. So, WHY in the world am I having so MANY HORRIBLE problems with my LJ???!!!

8. I started about THREE months ago, ANOTHER Journal with somebody else. I’ve been to LAZY to learn the whole set up, but if I CONTINUE to have these TERRIBLE problems with LIVE JOURNAL, I’ll just have to go through the WHOLE tedious process of RE-LEARNING that other place where I have the NEW journal. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HOPE it won’t be necessary, but there is NO way I can continue going through this FRUSTRATION!!

9. For the time being, I will make posts here. So, let’s see what HAPPENS!!!
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