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Happiness is gumballs

and gumball machines!

I continue to have my gumball machine addiction, and I've managed to add more to my collection. All of them were found at the 2nd hand store for a few bucks.

The one that you see in the middle in a red picture frame was given to me as a gift by one of my LJ friends. I absolutely love it!! This person prefers to remain anonymous.

I believe I'll soon be getting another one from Costco as a gift from one of my REAL LIFE friends. I mean, I've hinted like crazy!

Most of you know that I DEMAND that anyone coming to my house, buy a gumball for a quarter. Since I found some low down SNAKE IN THE GRASS had been putting in pennies, I now make sure I WATCH them put a quarter in for their ONE gumball! :o)

Here I'm holding one of
Mr. Gumball Machine's
concubines in my hands.

Playgirl's Brazil
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