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The Geneva Convention

How many politicians, who are making decisions (running the show) about the war, and who are insisting we continue fighting in Iraq, HAVE SONS AND DAUGHTERS IN IRAQ?

How many of these politicians who are making decisions (running the show) about the war, and who are insisting we continue fighting in Iraq, WERE IN THE MILITARY themselves?

Does anyone know where I could find those STATISTICS?

Right after Thanksgiving, one of my brothers will first be sent to Kansas for training, then to Iraq in December for one year.

Writ of Habeas Corpus is no more. Is there cause for you and I to worry about him and the rest of our American soldiers, since the obliterating of Habeas Corpus, obliterates The Geneva Convention?

The Geneva Convention

Prisoners of war MUST be:

- Treated humanely with respect for their persons and their honour.

- Enabled to inform their next of kin and the Central Prisoners of War Agency (ICRC, the International Red Cross) of their capture.

- Allowed to correspond regularly with relatives and to receive relief parcels.

- Allowed to keep their clothes, feeding utensils and personal effects.

- Supplied with adequate food and clothing.

- Provided with quarters not inferior to those of their captor's troops.

- Given the medical care their state of health demands.

- Paid for any work they do.

- Repatriated if certified seriously ill or wounded, (but they must not resume active military duties afterwards).

- Quickly released and repatriated when hostilities cease.

Prisoners of war must NOT be:
-Compelled to give any information other than their name, age, rank and service number.

- Deprived of money or valuables without a receipt (and these must be returned at the time of release).

- Given individual privileges other than for reasons of health, sex, age, military rank or professional qualifications.

- Held in close confinement except for breaches of the law, although their liberty can be restricted for security reasons.

- Compelled to do military work, nor work which is dangerous, unhealthy or degrading.

The fourth Geneva Convention ("Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War") covers all individuals "who do not belong to the armed forces, take no part in the hostilities and find themselves in the hands of the Enemy or an Occupying Power".

Protected civilians MUST be:
- Treated humanely at all times and protected against acts or threats of violence, insults and public curiosity.

- Entitled to respect for their honour, family rights, religious convictions and practices, and their manners and customs.

- Specially protected, for example in safety zones, if wounded, sick, old, children under 15, expectant mothers or mothers of children under 7.

- Enabled to exchange family news of a personal kind. - Helped to secure news of family members dispersed by the conflict.

- Allowed to practise their religion with ministers of their own faith. Civilians who are interned have the same rights as prisoners of war. They may also ask to have their children interned with them, and wherever possible families should be housed together and provided with the facilities to continue normal family life. Wounded or sick civilians, civilian hospitals and staff, and hospital transport by land, sea or air must be specially respected and may be placed under protection of the red cross/crescent emblem.

Protected civilians must NOT be:
- Discriminated against because of race, religion or political opinion. - Forced to give information.

- Used to shield military operations or make an area immune from military operations.

- Punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. - Women must not be indecently assaulted, raped, or forced into prostitution.

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