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Yes, it happened this weekend. I was stood up for the first time in my life by a guy I've been seeing for a while.

The date was set for Saturday. He was supposed to pick me up at 8:00 P.M.

I paced back and forth in my living room, waiting and waiting, until it finally dawned on me that he was not going to come.

I had often heard of girls being stood up by some jerk, but I never thought it would happen to me.

You all know I pride myself for buying 2nd hand clothes, but I didn't do it this time. I bought a stunning black lace dress with an open slit all the way up to the waistline, which made it essential that I not wear panties or nylons. I wore my hair up, and added a pearl necklace around my neck, dabbed my wrists, my inner thighs, and my sinfully exposed cleavage with my favorite perfume, White Shoulders, then sat waiting, and waiting, and waiting, as I held on to a small bouquet of red roses. I must say, I looked extraordinarily sexy!

When I finally came to the realization that I’d just been stood up, I started pouting and I ran to my bedroom in tears, and tore the dress off and just went to bed.

I was about to doze off, when I shot out of bed, put my dress back on, dashed out the door, and painted the town red. I was horny as hell and needed a man fast. Any man would do!

Well, it didn't take me long before this guy came up from behind me, bearing a grin from ear to ear, and offered me a ride back home.

We had barely stepped inside my house, when we started tearing our clothes off, and kissing and nibbling at each others entire body.

Haaaa! While we were making WILD PASSIONATE LOVE, I realized
I had never taken off one of my hair rollers! Silly me!

Playgirl broken hearted and pouting!

Just look how pretty I look with my sexy legs and peek-a-boo cleavage!

See, I didn't even wear panties!!

This is the guy who picked me up while I was on the prowl.
He says he lives in the land of OZ. I know he isn't much,
but he did prove to be a great lover in hay!

It took me about a month to make this facsimile of myself.

I stuffed a piece of an old stocking with cotton and made tiny stitches of my pouting lips, closed eyes, and delicious cleavage and tush. I then sewed a little piece of lace for the dress, leaving a long open slit on the back of the dress to expose my sexy bare tush. I then sewed black velvet for the hair, and added some little beads for the necklace, then used a little spool of thread for the hair curler, and added some tiny silk red roses.



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