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It's time to toot that horn of mine, 'cause if I don't do it, nobody else will!!

Many of you know that I'm addicted in a big way to 2nd hand stores, swaps, garage sales, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army.

I try to buy everything 2nd hand, not only because I'm a cheap skate, but because I care for our earth, and what better way to let her have a little break but to buy 2nd hand!

Rarely do I buy brand new stuff. The ONLY thing I buy brand new is my underwear.

I love Winter, but last year, Old man Winter forgot to stop by my city, so there was no need to wear a coat. How I yearn to feel the cold, and to make a snowman.

Hopefully, we'll have a COLD Winter this time around, but I'm starting to wonder because the sun is still shining, and I have a fan still going right next to my desk to keep me cool.

See how green everything still is? It will most likely remain like this well into November?!

A few days ago, I headed to my favorite 2nd hand store and found these two coats. The only thing I'll have to do is take them to a do it yourself dry cleaner. They look much nicer than in these pictures. The 100% recycled wool coat cost me a dollar, and the 100% wool one cost $3.00!!!

I bought these books for a dollar each. One is leather bound.

And while I'm at it, I bought this MIYATA bike for $100.00 a few weeks ago at the swap. It rides like a dream, and is so light weight that I can pick it up with one finger!! I want to have a little basket built on to it so I can give Panchito and Jewely a ride. [info]wbahner told me it was a smart buy!

And here is the dish I made yesterday for Grandpa and myself. I fried some bacon, sauteed lots of jalapenos, onions, celery, bell peppers, then put it all to simmer with a bay leaf and half a can of chipotle chile. I placed the orange roughy fish fillets on a bed of steamed white rice, then topped the whole thing with the chipotle sauce. It turned out incredibly good!

I am continuously changing.
I am not today who I was yesterday,
nor will I be tomorrow that that I
am today. There is NO "in between"
apparatus to my personality. I'm a
- Playgirl

La Copa de la Vida

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