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My hedgehog, Porky, has been with me since about Nov. and he/she is still totally anti-social. All he does is sleep in his little house. The only thing he'll eat is the catfood. He won't touch all the fruit and vegetable at all. I finally bought special box and added a new little house for him to hide in. The gigantic aquarium was way too big. All he does is stay in his house and whenever I remove it, he spreads his piny back and digs his head in the ground. When will he trust me? When will he be fun? Anyway, I still love him!

I went with Norma to a Chinese restaurant which had been recommended. It was absolutely delicious! They had everything imaginable, even crab and lobster balls. God, it has been ages since I had lobster. I at least got to taste a little of it in the meatball shaped ones they had. I swear, someday soon, I'm going to go have a WHOLE lobster. Maybe 2 of them!

I had my living-room and dining-room painted a week ago. Let me tell you the story as to what I did to have it painted. I bought a beautiful color of a whisper peach. Then one morning, I drove to this certain street downtown where I had seen a huge crowd of men who all looked as if they didn't have a penny in their pocket. I stopped my car and asked if anyone wanted a job for a couple of days. Well, they ALL tried to get in my car. They all wanted me to hire them because they wanted and NEEDED the job. I rolled up my window and looked at most of them. I tried to find the oldest one and the most needy. I finally made my choice and let him get in the car. When we got to my house, he started working so hard. I even had to tell him to go slower. I made a great choice when I picked him.

It breaks my heart to see so many men who desperately want to work. They don't work because there aren't any jobs. The man I hired has a wife and kids. He looked so very thin. When he finished painting, he cleaned my yard. I ended up hiring him for 5 days. I wish to God, I could of hired him longer, but it's impossible. I just wouldn't be able to afford him. I feel so guilty because here I'm dreaming of having lobster when there are so many people going hungry. I can't forget how that huge crowd of men had wanted me to hire them. I hope the government creates more jobs because there are so many who want and need to work. I'll eventually get over this sad feeling and I know that I will be having lobster soon. I know I'll enjoy every mouthful! Yes, I'm an animal lover, and I know they are boiled alive. I just won't think about it when I'm eating one. I'll think about it the next day. My CLAN will have to eat a little cheaper brand of food for a few days. I'm sure they will be upset with me.
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