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André Rieu - Olga Breeskin

André Rieu

Olga Breeskin - Birthday Party


A friend of mine invited me to go with him to his little nephew's third birthday party. I told him I'd meet him there. I was amazed at how well he and the two little girls danced the Cha-Cha Slush! They looked so cute!

After the party, I drove straight to the secluded dessert to run and let out a few screams that needed to come out AGAIN. I did manage to stop running for a second to take a pic of these eerily beautiful clouds that were my umbrella. Of course, I first looked around to see if there were any cops around, because I know would have assume I was insane, and taken me directly to the Funny Farm!

I was also invited to see Olga Breeskin this past weekend. She is a very famous violinist from Mexico, and I just can't express enough, how beautifully this woman plays the violin!! I took many pics, but they didn't come out good at all because the stage was pretty dark. Here are two of the pictures I took with my digital camera.

I plan to take many pics when I go see André Rieu in December to share with you, and I want them to be PERFECT! The digital camera I own is a Sony 7.2 Mega Pixels, zeiss, 2.5" LCD monitor, 3x Opical Zoom Cyber-shot.

I'd like to buy a new camera, perhaps in the price range of $1,000 - $2,000. Can someone recommend a VERY GOOD one? I'm serious about this. I’ll be ordering it through the internet, because everything is less expensive.

4. My heart skipped a beat way back in September the 24th, when I read in Sunday's Newspaper that the talented conductor and violinist, André Rieu, and the Johann Strauss Orchestra would be coming to town.

I must admit, I'm terrible! I started spreading the word at work that I sure would love to go see him, but couldn't afford the outrageous ticket price, accidentally on purpose, in hope that somebody would invite me!

I started to lose hope because here we are already October! Well, I got not one, but two invitations, one from my boss, and the other from a co-worker!! I still haven't decided which invitation I'll accept. I guess I'll just have to go INNY MINNIE MINY MOE thingy! :o)

This is the guy I'm going to see:

André Rieu - Romeo and Juliet

Here you'll see the video of André Rieu playing Bolero de Ravel

These are just a few of the classics he plays:
Der Pate (The Godfather), Strangers In Paradise,
Romance Anonym, Chanson D'amour,
Opern Potpourri, O Mio Babbino Caro,
Italienische Nationalhymne , L'italiano
Schenkt Man Sich Rosen In Tirol (Roses From Tyrol)
Lagunen Walzer (Lagune Waltz)
Du Sollst Der Kaiser Meiner Seele Sein -
(You Are The Emperor Of My Heart),
The Rose, Italiana, Barcarole, La Paloma
La Montanara, Marina, Ich Liebe Dich (I Love You)

I've already started the window shopping for a dress, because I want to look as elegantly gorgeous as possible. I found two dresses, but just can't make up my mind which one to buy! WILL YOU KIDS HELP ME CHOOSE a, b OR c??!!

a. b c.
Or maybe I can kill THREE birds with one stone! I am as frugal as can be! Perhaps I can just wear the same dress I wore (c) for that 6'6" Officer and a Gentleman a while ago, AND still be buried in it when I die!

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