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Grrr - Liberty, Justice and FIREARMS

Liberty, Justice and FIREARMS
for ALL Law Abidding Citizens!

My good LJ friend [info]dirtywhiteboi opened a GREAT big can of worms, when I gave my radical solution to protecting students and teachers in our schools.

This is what dirtywhiteboi replied, which made my ears stand up straighter and higher than a bunny rabbits!!

dirtywhiteboi - "I think it would be easier if they just quit selling bullets."

This was my reply to dirtywhiteboi -
Then we will ALL be an easy target.

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

dirtywhiteboi replied:
"We can still buy/own guns in keeping with our american right, but no where in the constituion does it mention regulating/banning bullets. Therefore no bullets, no shootings. But feel free to pistol whip!"

I replied:
"Now that, my good man, is totally insane!"

dirtywhiteboi replied:
"Perhaps you should let the likes of endgland or canada know, as they obviously are under your "stupidity" clause..LOL"

Then I replied:
By and by, please elaborate.
"Perhaps you should let the likes of endgland or canada know, as they obviously are under your "stupidity" clause"

You have opened a GREAT big can of worms!

I shall make a new post, and it will be directed at you!

Oh, how I love people like you, who get my adrenalin going! ;o)

dirtywhiteboi replied:
"Meaning your friend should give countries who do not have/use/allow/limit/guns/bullets, the heads up since is so incredibly simple a simpleton could do it."

I replied:
Are you open minded, so I can make a new post on this topic of guns?

dirtywhiteboi replied:
Of course!

Now, who’s going to HELP ME with dirtywhiteboi? Let's all be OPEN MINDED in presenting our case, and at the same time, in an orderly manner, like the ADLUTS that we are, respecting each others views.

I'll go FIRST, 'cause PLAYGIRL'S ALWAYS first! heh heh

Let me see how in the world I will start this with my limited English skills, and overly abundant COMMAS!

I emphatically believe in the 2nd Amendment!

There are some people who believe Americans would be safer from violence, if this country would be gun free.

At the top of my head, I'll say, (without any knowledge) BILLIONS are spent on the war on drugs. I ask you this question, are we winning the war on drugs? I will answer it for you, HELL NO! Will we ever win the war on drugs? HELL NO!

No matter how diligently our borders are watch, those damn drugs, which have destroyed so many lives, and continue to destroy lives, make their way into the U.S. By hook or by crook, they successfully make their destination. Through the Rio Grande, through fences, through miles and miles of underground tunnels. How many tunnels exist, that have not been discovered yet? I'd hate to even think of it!

How many BILLIONS of dollars are being spent to prevent illegals from entering this country? I live in a border city, and I constantly hear helicopters roaming the Rio Grande, and when I travel the Border Highway, I see oodles of Border Patrol jeeps, keeping a watchful eye.

Has this been successful? Illegal aliens are crossing over in hordes! There are 1000's of stash houses in the U.S. with illegals, and drugs.

Whenever I go to Mexico to shop, and get on the bridge, with its LONG lines, to come back to the U.S., I see a mob of people making a dash into the U.S.

You take the American citizen's guns away, and you will most definitely cause us, the law abiding citizen to be seriously hurt or murdered.

If it is so very EASY, to smuggle DRUGS, and people, what makes you think they won't smuggle guns for the criminals?? What makes you think that maybe, just maybe, a few TERRORISTS aren't among them?

In Mexico, you are NOT allowed to own a gun. Let me explain. If a Mexican wants to own a gun, he must pay an outrageous amount of money for the permit. Who the hell can afford this permit, if the poor are starving? The ONLY ones who own guns are the criminals. There are approximately 7 murders per week in Juarez. A criminal can, and will go to a family's home and break in to rob them, and often times, they murder the entire family. It is so EASY, because they KNOW the family doesn't own a gun. There have been occasions where a family has owned a gun without a permit, and if this family shoots the potential murderer, who has broken into their home, the potential innocent victim is in a hell of allot of trouble!

Is this what you want for the U.S.?

If those who are intent on taking away my Constitutional right to bear arms, they'll do so over my DEAD BODY, because I REFUSE to live on my knees!

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Watch ALL of this most inlightening video that [info]inspectorjury shared with me!

Join The NRA

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

U.S. Army
Join the U.S. Army

Terror-Free Energy

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