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I come from what is considered a large family, a family of 7, including Mom and Dad.

Mom worked for many years, and Dad is still working.

Dad’s job has an excellent insurance plan, and his job pays very well, but it’s the type of job where it’s either FEAST or FAMINE.

I remember one year, when my brothers and I were still very little, that we experienced famine for one year.

Mom and Dad were always very proud people, but in this particular year, where there was no money to feed his family, Dad secretively (recently shared this secret with me) went to the Welfare office to apply for Food Stamps. They told him he couldn’t have any because he had a job, owned a home and had IRA’s for his retirement. By and by, my Dad is a U.S. Army veteran.

My question is this, why is it that those who NEVER worked, or have only worked a couple of years of their lives, qualify for every single FREE thing, including health care and an education?

I was always under the belief that Welfare was a TEMPORARY aide for families who through no fault of their own, and were suddenly in dire need of a little help because of a job layoff. Just a little help until a family got back on their feet.

We have a county hospital here, where people, who have no insurance, or money, or property, and DO NOT work, can get the best medical attention FREE, even dental care for the entire family!! Now, there’s talk of raising MORE taxes for this hospital!

I am sick and tired of going to the neighborhood grocery store with my list of CHEAP, on sale items, to buy ground beef, beans, pastas, off brand cereals, etc., and when I get to the check-out counter, I see these young and healthy men and women with their carts filled with the best, and most expensive cuts of beef, TV dinners, name brand items, and treats such as sweet breads, sodas, candies, etc. Then when I walk to my car, I see them going to there car which is much newer and more expensive than my own.

So, what is a family who tries to save a little money for their old age, and with a home, and with the good work ethics to do, should a catastrophe happen? Starve and be thrown out into the streets because they can’t pay the ever rising HIGH property taxes? Why is it that the government rewards those who sponge off the system, and punishes those who have always worked for whatever they have?

My Dad recently had a hernia operation. He was an in-out patient. He went into surgery at 11:00 AM, and by 3:00 PM, I had to bring him to my home to care for him. It was the kind of operation where he should have stayed at least over night in the hospital, but was not permitted.

Thank God he has Aetna Insurance, which pays 100% of the bill. Guess how much the insurance paid for those miserable 3 hours in the hospital? This does not include the doctors!! $16,938.52, and $880.00 for the Anesthesiology Service!

Two years ago, Dad found he had Cancer and had to have a prostate operation. He was in the hospital for 3 days. I stayed at his bed side 24 hrs. for the entire 3 days, and did everything for him that required a nurses aide to do for him. I can’t recall the exact figures of the bill, but it was close to $40,000!! This did not include the doctors, either!!

Dad still has quite a few years to go for retirement, and although, he is so very tired and sometimes becomes quite ill because of his Cancer, he must continue working, because if he doesn’t, he won’t have the insurance anymore, and without it, he is doomed!! He will NOT be able to buy insurance, because he’s a homeowner, and has a little savings through his IRA’S, and who in the hell will insure him with Cancer?!!

So, what it all buckles down to is that the Government will only help you if you have given ZERO to this country's system! WOW! Is it possible that the government's goal is for all of us become dependent on them for all our creature comforts, and OWN us?

By and by, I got my 2006 Property Tax Bill yesterday. My house went up in value over $33,000.00 for the year of 2005, and has AGAIN gone up in value. Close to $10,000.00 more this time, which means I'll have to pay a hell of a lot more property taxes for 2006! All property owners went to appeal this, but guest what? We ALL ended up wasting our time! This city is as filthy, the freeways are bumper to bumper, it's poverty stricken, and boring as hell because there's NOTHING to do for family's to do for entertainment. Honestly, if this keeps up, and it SURE WILL, many of us will end up losing our homes because there will be no way to pay the taxes!!

Oh! And now there's talk that the county hospital needs MORE money to give out more FREEBIES, and guess where that money is going to come from? YUP!!

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