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Life Yesterday and Today:


1. I'm going to bed later and later, and getting up earlier and earlier as the days go by. Today I was up by 4:30 AM! My doctor will NOT give me a prescription for sleeping pills anymore. I'm very upset!

2. I went to a nearby grocery store to buy a few things, and when I got to the check-out counter to pay for my stuff, it happened AGAIN! This woman stood RIGHT next to me, literally pressing her shoulder against me, taking very obvious peeks into my purse!! I turned sideways and we almost touched noses!! I looked down and I saw her cleavage!! I wasn't in a FIGHTING FOR MY RIGHTS mood, so I just continued with my business.

Will somebody please tell me why some people do this? Don't they get it that we humans want elbow space? Next time I go to the store, I'm going to chew on a bunch of garlic cloves and Swiss cheese, then blow in the face of whoever invades my space again!

3. Yesterday, My boss took me out for dinner at the BEST steakhouse in Texas, The Cattleman's STEAKHOUSE at the Indian Cliff's Ranch.

Then we headed back to my house to wait for some friends I'd invited over to watch HBO: Boxing: Event: NIKOLAI VALUEV VS. MONTE BARRETT.

Poor Barrett had no chance of beating the 7 ft., 325 pound giant!

4.I went with Glory and Norma to Barrigas Restaurant, and had a delicious Arrachera Tampiqueña with with green chile con queso, guacamole, beans and a cheese enchilada, and of course, a Margarita! If you'll scroll all the way down, you'll see a pic. I had the plate with the steak and that Margarita! heh heh

5. Musicais do Brasil e mais.

MAIS QUE NADA In Portuguese
Mas que nada
Sai da minha frente
Eu quero passar
Pois o samba está animado
O que eu quero é sambar

Translation of this sassy song:

"No Way!"
"get out..."
"...and let me pass"
"because the samba is so good"
"and I want to dance the Samba"

Blackeyed Pea Version:

The original:

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