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John Karr Fiasco

John Karr Fiasco

Prosecutors can’t the find computer that allegedly contained illegal images, soooo John Karr walks off nonchalantly to freedom after all child porn charges dismissed.

Now, will you kids P-L-E-A-S-E tell me approximately how much this John Karr fiasco ended up costing us poverty stricken TAX PAYERS!!

See, I record and watch Courttv, and ALL the blood and gore shows every single day! YUP! Courttv and the many other TV programs have educated me in the STREET WISE DEPARTMENT. If you kids had given me full control of the John Karr THINGY, it wouldn't have cost you guys a penny, (well, maybe just the plane fare to Thailand and back) because when I saw his face for the very FIRST time, I knew he was a QUACKY PEANUT BUTTER case! I would have just left Thailand WITHOUT Mr. Karr!!

Hmmm… I wonder how much it would cost
to fly Mr. John Karr back to Thailand?!

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