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Why does a certain public figure constantly say he/she was a victim of VIOLENT crime? He/She was not present when the person he/she knew was murdered? I may be wrong, but I don’t believe so.

I was always under the belief that the person whose body had been attacked violently WAS the victim of VIOLENT crime!

These are the after effects of a true victim of VIOLENT crime. Am I overtly cautious? Hell no!

I have made my home a fortress against crime.
1. I paid extra to buy my modest house in the nicer part of the city.

2. My house has 16 windows and I’ve had solid rod iron bars installed in each and every one of them.

3. I have 2 separate basements, and I've added the iron bars there, also.

4. I have 3 exit doors and replaced the screen doors with solid rod iron. All wooden doors have bolts.

5. I had a 10 ft. solid rod iron fence installed throughout my front yard, with the top tips curved inward, which makes is impossible for anyone to climb over.

6. I had a 7 ft. solid rock fence built for my entire backyard, plus I have 8 VICIOUS dogs.

7. I have two guns. ONE of them is a 9mm pistol which is always loaded. Should a would be killer somehow enter my home; you better believe he’ll be DEATHLY sorry!

8. I also belong to The Neighborhood Crime Watch, and I have a sophisticated alarm system in my house.

I am overtly cautious, not because I'm a coward, or because I'm afraid to die, but because when you’ve experienced violent crime, you want to make damn sure it NEVER happens again, and if it does, you want to make damn sure you take the bastard with you! BULLSEYE!

Have YOU or a loved one been a victim of VIOLENT crime? How did it change your life?

If you've never been a victim of VIOLENT crime, would you go to the extent I have, in protecting myself from future crime?

Outside of my home, I always carry my pistol. This is how I live inside my house.

I have 16 windows, and they're all covered with solid iron bars just like these.

The 3 exit screen doors were replaced with thick, solid iron, too.

Here you can see the warning Neighborhood Crime Watch,
and Burgar Alarm stickers.

Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."


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