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His name is PANCHITO, because you kids said so.
He really likes his name, and he thanks you all!

I don't know what I do to animals, but they really know how to take advantage of me!

Panchito has been part of my family for a short time, and he already insists on sleeping on top of my head, and he SNORES!!

Jewely sleeps on top of my belly, and Davy on top of my feet!!

I suppose I shouldn't complain, at least there aren't any stray ELEPHANTS around here! ;o)

Opps! Almost forgot!! I mentioned to one of my LJ friends that I had PET ROCKS, too. I don't think he believed me!

So, here's the proof! I've had these little rocks for over a year. I give them fresh water everyday, and blow them a bunch of kisses so they'll continue to live happily ever after. I bet you thought rocks were just rocks, huh? Not so! They are SHY little beings with a heart and soul.

Next time you encounter some little rocks, pick them up and take them home with you, to love and care for. Believe me; you won't regret it when they start giving you little smiles of gratitude! I must warn you, they are pretty horny and after a while, you'll see their little family grow and grow!

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