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I have personally known some REAL VIRGINS, but then, I have also known MANY who are Birth Control Pill Virgins. I have no idea how many guys lie about their virginity, but I've often times ask myself how in the world either male or female lie to their future spouse about something so sacred.

Religious hallowed vows are exchanged before man and God. I feel it's starting out a marriage on the wrong foot from the very beginning, because it’s been based on a LIE. I've also been to lots of weddings where the bride should have worn IVORY, but instead wore WHITE.

I have this snobbish married co-worker who has always conduct herself in this righteous, holier than thou manner. I will not go into all the sordid details as to why she ended up YELLING this at me: "She TOLD you, didn't she, that I was pregnant when I got married!!??

Guess what? Nobody told me any such thing!!! And you know what else, I could give a horses buck teeth if she was or not, but what IRKS me is the fact she has always shoved her nose up into the air at everybody she ASSUMED were not virgins!!

1. Ok kids, HOW important is it for you to someday marry a virgin?

2. If your fiancé told you she was a virgin, how would you know it was true on your honeymoon? If you found she had lied, how would you react?

3. How do you guys KNOW if a girl is a virgin or not?

4. If virginity was of extreme significance to you, and you fell in love with a girl who wasn't a virgin, due to childhood rape, would you marry her?

I found this link incredibly interesting:

According to the most recent (2002) statistics, the majority of women first have sex with those they describe as boyfriends (72 percent). Another 20 percent lose their virginity to fiancees or men they eventually marry. Six percent of women have their first sexual experience as an act of rape. And for those who insist on calling someone a whore, nearly 3 percent of women admit to voluntarily having lost their virginity to a total stranger.

Given that 98 percent of all women eventually have sex and 90 percent of us now do so before marriage, designating a good girl by her virginity status is no longer merely a manifestation of gender bias; it also reveals a tremendous amount of hypocrisy on the part of those doing the labeling. Having sex before marriage was always a bad indicator of “goodness,” not to mention one seldom used to judge men. The truth is that good girls have always had sex, and the majority has been having sex before marriage for a very long time.

Good Girls Do!...But Smart Girls Do It Better

Don't forget to answer my questions,
and give me your expertise views on the subject matter.

'Cuz if you don't,
I'm gonna BANG you!!

Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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