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As Nancy Grace says: WHAT THE HAY Goes On Here?!

As Nancy Grace says: WHAT THE HAY Goes On Here?!

I’m letting my defenses down for just a moment. After this post, I'll become my old obnoxious self again!

All of a sudden, I'm losing some of my little critters! I just don't know what in the world is going on!

First I lose my two little kittens. Actually, they were murdered by the dogs belonging to my next door neighbor, the blonde bitch with the black roots!

Then my little Porky somehow crawled out of a wagon, never to be seen again!

Then I lose the love of my life, little Mickey!!!
Mickey's Memorial Page

I haven't seen Honey Bunny for about 2 days!! I still have hope that she's alive.

Remember I took the momma cat to be neutered last week? I took these pics the next morning I brought her back from her operation, and micro-chipping. I was going to share these pics with you, but thought I'd share them with you some other time.

Yesterday, I got up very early in the morning, fed the cats, and went to the Swap, hoping to find another little cat compartment for them for this coming winter. I found one for $1.00, and I also bought a BRAND NEW Craftman lawnmower for only $35.00!!

I was so happy as I drove back home, when I saw a little bundle laying on the side of the street, right in front of my house. My heart stopped! I parked my car and ran to see it, and found it was the momma cat that I had just had spayed!! Her little head was crushed like a pancake! I picked her up; her little body was still warm, and Grandpa and I buried her!!!

Little did I realize that when I took this picture, she would be dead in a few days!

This is the little dog I mentioned in my last voice post. I found him roaming the streets in terror. I spotted him just in time, because there was a lot of traffic, and he would have been run over for sure.

Grandpa and I gave him a bath, because he was filthy and full of ticks and fleas. We also clipped his nails because they were very long. I then took him to my vet so he could see if he was micro-chipped, but he wasn't.

Well, he loves it here and is happier than hell, and even sleeps with me, Jewely and Davy. Oh, and he snores like crazy! You do know that I will eventually be taking him to my vet to do the Lorena Bobbitt thingy done to him, huh?! My baby Jewely is a virgin and that's the way she'll stay! Momma has spoken!

I can't decide what to name him. I like the name PANCHITO, or TOOTSIE ROLL.

So, what do you think of him, and which name should I choose? I need votes please!

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