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Roman Catholicism, Jews and Islams
Voice Post

I'll be making a VOICE POST later on today, just to say hi, but for now, I'd like to express my thoughts on this:

The Holy Father Benedict XVI

The Pope has apologized twice to the Muslim world, and they STILL refuse to accept his apology.

He has apologized to the Muslim world, for reading a centuries old passage from a historic book, not because he fears for his life, but because he fears for other lives. Seven churches have been set on fire, and one innocent, helpless old nun was recently shot behind the head. Gee! What bravery, huh?! I believe the Pope should STOP apologizing, because even if he were to get down on his knees before them, begging for forgiveness, they will still refuse to accept his apology. This is just too good an excuse for them to continue on their rampages of violence and bloodshed. They now have the perfect excuse to try and obliterate all Catholics, and ALL other Christians from the face of the earth, just as they have tried with the Jews.

This incident has opened my eyes, and my heart goes out to all Jews, who must live so close to them!

I've been surfing the net, and found these links. My question is, why don't THEY apologize for all the atrocities they have committed, and for this booK?!

Turkish bestseller: "Who will kill the Pope in Istanbul?"

And for the slaying of 65-year-old nun, Sister Leonella, in Somalia,
or for Mehmet Ali Hagca shooting our beloved Pope John Paul II four times?!!

I must warn you that this link might be too upsetting for some of you. If you can't handle looking at beheadings, don't click here:
Heads of Christians, traditionally treated like trophies by the Turks.

I hope the Pope stops apologizing to these people. I also hope he will cancel his plans to visit Turkey in November, because he will face grave danger.

Why don't they just - Take It Easy!!!

Here are some statistics:

Christianity - 2.1 billion
Islams - 1.3 billion

Catholics - One billion
Protestants, Orthodox and Anglicans - 350 million

Sunni Islam - 875,000,000
Eastern Orthodox Church - 225,000,000
Anglican Communion - 77,000,000
Assemblies of God - 50,000,000
Seventh-day Adventists - 16,811,519
Jehovah's Witnesses - 15,597,746
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - 12,275,822
New Apostolic Church - 10,260,000
Ahmadiyya - 10,000,000
Bahai World Faith - 6,000,000

Colbert Remarks on the Popes Comments and Muslim Response

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