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Hugo Chávez - President Bush

How dare Hugo Chávez call President Bush the devil, when HE is the devil himself! Somebody should have grabbed him, and thrown him into a plane back to Venezuela.

This man, is a mere puppet of the Infidel Fidel Castro, and dares to quote one of my favorite men, Silvio Rodriguez. "The era is giving birth to a heart!"

Please look at these videos, and see for yourselves if you'd want to live in Venezuela, and have this man as your President! See for yourselves if it's true he says, that he will fight for peace, and defends dignity and truth. Is this the voice of the Venezuelan people? I don't think so. WATCH these videos for the TRUTH!!

I watched this morning on TV, pro-Chavez demonstrators. One woman agreed with everything Chavez said at the U.N., and she herself said some pretty nasty things about President Bush. I asked myself why she continues to stay in the States, and I answered my own question by looking at these videos!

I couldn't believe that Condoleeza Rice didn't speak up at the U.N and defend the President from this horrible man! I’m much more proficient with my Spanish than my English, and I sure as hell would have told him off!

By and by, the U.N. SUCKS for clapping and laughing, as this man slandered our PRESIDENT!!

The truth about Venezuela

Venezuelan Oppression

Venezuelan version of freedom of speech

Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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