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Yes, that's exactly how I looked today!

I was driving on Gateway East in the OLD truck, because I had just bought an item at the Swap that wouldn’t have fit in my car. To be honest, I shouldn’t have been driving it on the freeway, because it’s very hard for me to drive this truck. It has a clutch that I have to press down as hard as I can, then shift the floor stick shift. The only time I drive it is to take the filled trash bags with mowed grass to this certain place which is close to my house.

As I approached the intersection, the lights were still green, but for no reason, I hit the breaks of my truck. I looked in my rear view mirror because the car in back of me started sounding his horn at me non-stop. I looked at the lights again and pressed on the gas peddle because it was still green, but then hit the breaks again, because it had now turned yellow. The car in back of me started honking his horn, non stop at me again. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw this man having a frenzied kidney attack.

He started thrashing his whole body hysterically all over the place, and bashing with his fists, in a most violent manner, on his steering wheel and on the windshield, AND waving clenched fists at me, while his mouth shrieked things I couldn't hear. Thank God! Then he started honking his horn non-stop again. I just sat in my car, and continued looking at him through my rear view mirror, and praying that the light would turn green again. I am NOT a wet noodle, but I was one this time and just sat in my car, as meek and silent as a mouse.

Finally the light turned green and I quickly pressed on the gas peddle to escape this maniac, but he had a faster car than my old clunker and passed me. He drove right along side of me and glared at me in rage, throwing one clenched fist at me (his mouth was still moving uncontrollably, yelling things at me). If I'm not mistaken, his face was the color of a beet, and it was just about to detonate.

He then sped off and got in front of me, all the while, thrusting one of his fists out his car window.

For an instant, I wanted to follow him and ask him if I could take his picture with my digital camera, so I could share it with my LJ friends, and then I thought I’d better not.

Now I'm curious, what's the worst
ROAD RAGE you've encountered so far?

Oh well, now it’s time for me to TOOT my own HORN!! This is what I bought at the Swap for only 25 bucks!! I scrubbed it clean, then went and bought five gallons of distilled water for ONE buck. The water is delicious and it’s INSTANT ICE COLD!

Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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