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My Thoughts on Nancy Grace and Melinda Duckett

I just can't help it, and I hope I'm right, but I believe Melinda Duckett’s little boy is still alive. I believe she left the little boy with a friend or a relative. Why? Because her husband, who hadn't seen her for about 8 months, and was fighting for custody of the little boy, drove her to hide her little boy.

Why do I feel she committed suicide? Because she was deeply depressed, and she felt that her little boy would eventually be found, and she would lose him to her husband.

Wow! If I'm right, Nancy Grace will be in a big pickle jar!

I hope I'm right, for the little boy's sake.

Here's Nancy Grace at it AGAIN, and the more I hear her, the more I grow to dislike her!! And as Nancy Grace always says, WHAT THE HAY, I say, why is she calling HERSELF a VICTIM of CRIME, when it was her fiancé who was THE VICTIM? I was always under the belief that a victim of crime was THE VICTIM of crime!!

Nancy Grace Defends Herself on Melinda Duckett suicide

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