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Oh my God! We finally did it! Grandpa and I finally caught the last female stray cat that’s been producing kittens like pancakes!!

You’re not going to believe what we did to catch this stinker. I opened the front door and left it wide open. We grabbed all the little bowls used to feed them, and brought them inside the house. Then, we started filling the bowls with Meow Mix. The cats started coming into the house, including the kittens. I wouldn’t let the female cat, (the one that bit and scratched Grandpa so terribly last week when he tried to grab her) that we wanted to catch, enter the house.

Finally, we had 16 stray cats in my living room!! Grandpa and I then went outside with the trapper I HAD to buy for $68.99. Forget the damn Humane Society! They don’t give a damn about stray animals!! Grandpa put the trapper outside on the porch, I sprinkled just a little Meow mix in a little Styrofoam bowl, and the cat went in to eat them, and the cage snapped shut, trapping her! YAY!

Grandpa put the cage in my car, and I speed to the vet’s office. She will be fixed and micro-chipped, and I’m to pick her up tomorrow morning. I’ve named her Tiger.

Now, I have a total of 13 cats that I’ve had spayed and neutered, AND micro-chipped. Did I say 13? Yes, because I have another stray cat that has chosen me as its owner! I now have a total of a total of 5 more kittens to have spayed and neutered.

You are not going to believe this, but this female cat that took today, has produced a total of 9 kittens. She barely had 5 about a month ago. When I took her to the vet this morning, he told me she was PREGNANT again!! How is this possible??!!

PLEASE kids, do your part for the animal world so they won’t suffer. Get a trapper and catch stray cats and have them neutered and spayed! PLEASE!

I believe I took this pic last year of the female cat we captured today! I always thought she was a HE. Doesn't she look like a HE to you? Boy, have I paid for this mistake, because she has now produced OODLES of kittens!! After today, she won’t be doing that NO MO, NO MO!! Heh heh

She's going crazy! Ripped the Styrofoam bowl to shreds!

Exhausted, but oh so upset!

This kitty is so brave. She goes into my backyard where I have 8 BIG dogs, just to take a peek at me! Do I look like a fish or what?!

The flour pot you see, belonged to my mom, in fact, I got everything that belonged to my mother. Those are the perks of being the only girl, among 4 big brothers! I’d give them all back to her in a heartbeat, if I could have her back!

The kitty that looks EXACTLY like the one that was murdered by my next door neighbor's Chihuahua's some months ago.

Always looking at me!!

See how she'd rather look at me than go eat her Meow Mix?!

EVERYWHERE I look, I see kitties!

Oh noey!! My baby Jewely sees so many kitty cats, that she's starting to believe she's a kitty cat, too!

Be still my heart!!

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Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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