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Beheadings On My Mind

Beheadings On My Mind

I once mentioned that I have a web site with links of videos of the beheadings, (and again, I will not show you that link) and watched the gruesome beheadings of
Nicolas Berg, Paul Johnson, Eugene Armstrong , and Kim Sun Il, which was especially horrific.

I had always assumed that they had been instantly decapitated by a QUICK swish of a sword, but was shocked to see that they were beheaded with a TINY knife which was used to SLOWLY (so the victim would know EXACTLY what was happening to him) slice across their neck.

Today, I looked up BEHEADINGS in Youtube, and found videos with beheadings.

If you would like to take a look, this is the link:


I'm seriously beginning to speculate if I was Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, in my other life?!

Why is it that these executioners choose to torture them so, through decapitation, instead of just shooting the prisoner before a firing squad?
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