Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

Dad is still at the doctor's office. I decided not to go with him, because I just can't handle the stress of waiting outside for his results. Dad won't let me enter with him when he sees the doctor, because I loathe that asshole of a doctor, and will never be able to hold my tongue and express these feelings to him, and dad knows my temper, and has forbidden me to enter with him.

I had the appointment with the vet today, but had to call and postpone it, because Grandpa and I weren't able to catch that damn female cat. Grandpa put on his gloves and grabbed her, but she behaved in a totally wild manner, and scratched and bit him terribly!!

She would not enter the trapper that I HAD to buy, because the Humane Society has only a couple of them for the masses of people to try and catch stray animals. I will NEVER, EVER, donate one penny to them, EVER AGAIN!! How dare they call themselves the Humane Society, when they don't give a damn for stray animals? Here I have to pay to have them spayed and neutered, and they can't even provided the trappers!! How dare they call themselves Humane?!

I'm in a terrible mood. I'm so stressed out. It's so hard for me to even (breathe? breath?). Couldn't sleep last night. The only good thing in my life right now is my beloved boss, who is so compassionate with me, and insists to stay with me at the hospital on Monday. I won't be going into work for the next entire week so I can care for my Dad at home.

Lolly, Norma and Glory have been coming over to my house a lot, trying to build up my spirits. How I love them all.

I'll continue watching Youtube, because I absolutely love it, and I've become just as addicted to it as my darling LJ friend, [info]inspectorjury.

I must keep my mind occupied. I want this month over with as soon as possible, but then, I'm dreading November because one of my brother's will be sent to Iraq. It seems I'm wishing my life away more and more, as time goes by.

Since my other brother and I were able to retrieve everything when my computer crashed a while ago, I'll be posting what I had for my LJ friends, on the topic of prostrat cancer. I will also be posting about breast cancer, because I suddenly have (an acquaintance of mine) a reason to do so. I will do this because I love you so much LJ friend's, and I don't want you to go through what my poor dad has!!

Another thing, I'm having incredible problems with my LJ. I have Roadrunner, which allows web pages to download within one second. All the web pages I surf on the net, download instantly, but not so with my Live Journal. It takes approximately 60 seconds to download each page. WHY? WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT THIS? WHERE DO I GO FOR HELP? IS ANYBODY ELSE EXPERIENCING PROBLEMS WITH THEIR LIVE JOURNAL?

This problem started about 3 weeks ago.

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