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I dropped off these two 6 month old kittens at the vet this morning. They will be spayed and neutered, and I've asked him to put micro chips in them, too. Yes, they are strays, but I've decided to have all the 17 cats micro-chipped, because I'm afraid someone will report me to animal control. This way, I can tell them that they are mine and I've paid to have them all micro-chipped. Otherwise, they could get a court order to enter my property and haul them off to animal control. I cannot have that, because I've already grown to love each and every one of them.

I've already had all my 8 stray dogs and Jewely micro-chipped. It's a law that passed in my city. If you're caught with an animal that hasn't been micro-chipped, they will fine you $2,000.00 for each animal!!

Wish me luck in capturing the female and male that are producing so many kittens! Just as soon as the momma cat stops nursing her kittens, I'm going to stay outside all night long until I capture her with the trapper! The HORNY guy cat will be NEXT!!!

I now have spayed and neutered a total of 10 strays, and I've got 7 more to go. BUT, BUT, BUT!!! I now have to capture the 8 all over again to have them micro-chipped! Will my cat plight ever end????

Before you start calling me CATWOMAN, think twice! I love to brag about ALL my 4 legged kids! :o)


At the beginning of this summer, I was about to fill this water well with water
from the hose, when I suddenly saw this little kitten in the top bowl!
This kitten is the cat you see in the little caged compartment below this pic.

I took this pic this morning, right before I dropped both cats at the vet
to have spayed, nuetered and micro-chipped. It broke my heart to have them
look at me with such suspicion, but it's for their own good!

Here's another picture of the little gray kitten that looks EXACTLY like the
kitten my next door neighbor's dogs MURDERED some months ago!! Look how he's
constantly staring at me. Could it be possible that cats really do have nine
lives? Could the MURDERED little kitten have been reincarnated into this
kitten?!! I WONDER!!

The cat that you see at the right, is the female cat I MUST catch, because
she's the one who is producing more kittens than I can keep up with!!

Everywhere I look, I see cats!!!

This is a picture taken about 4 or 5 months ago. Again, you can see that my
wine barrels which once contained BEAUTIFUL flowers, not have pillows I
bought at the 2nd hand store for my kitty cats to be comfortable in! :o)

This cat follows me everywhere I go and jumps on my lap and just stares at me,
and caresses my face with its little paw with such love!!

"Cat people are different, to the extent that they generally are not
conformists. How could they be, with a cat running their lives?"
- Louis J.

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