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The World According To Playgirl - August 11, 2006

The World According To Playgirl - August 11, 2006

1. Finally, after a two month wait, today was dad's appointment to see the stomach specialist. Incredibly, he's been given another appointment for September the 6th! On this day, he's to go without eating or drinking a thing. THEN, he'll be given another appointment for his operation! Unbelievable!

August the 17th is the day to see how his PSA test came out. This is his Cancer doctor and I dislike him intensely. He's so damn COLD!! Wasn't there a movie about a doctor who was cold with his patients, then got sick himself and found himself treated by doctors as he had treated his patients?

2. I'm still heartbroken over having lost my little Mickey, so is Jewely. The day she starts wagging her little tail, is the day I'll be happy again.

3. I have an addiction. Caffeine. I've been drinking MUGS of coffee, and giant glasses of ice tea like forever! It had never occurred to me that I was dependent on caffeine, until four days ago, and I hate being dependent on anything. This is my 4th day of consuming ZERO caffeine! I've had terrible headaches, and have been walking around like a zombie, but this is something I've promised myself to accomplish, and I WILL!

4. When Norma found out about the loss of my little dog, she rushed over. We are friends again, and I'm so very happy! We hadn't talked to each other for about two months. It was over the dumbest thing. I had bought this OLD pickup truck to haul tree limbs and stuff from my yard. She had asked to borrow it because she also has an acre. There was this terrible misunderstanding and we ended up not talking to each other. I had missed her terribly, but my pride, and hers, hadn't permitted us to try and become friends again. Sadly, it took the death of Mickey, for us to be friends again.

5. I must call Glory. I have been ignoring her calls for over a month now. I've really been going over board with this anti-social thing! I hope it isn't too late, because I love her dearly, also.

6. The other day, Lolly picked me up after work, and we both went to my favorite Chinese restaurant. I saw a piece of shrimp shell dangling from her chin. She had no idea and I didn't tell her about it. She made me laugh until tears poured out of my eyes. She had no idea why I was laughing. It really wasn't that funny I suppose, but to me, it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen.

She dropped me off at home, but when she left, I got in my car and drove off into the desert. I parked the car, left the lights on, walked out and started running, screaming at the top of my lungs like a maniac for what seemed like forever. I got back into my car, made a U-turn, and went home.

I'll be damned, but it helped tremendously!

7. My brother flies in from CA., and will be here at midnight. Tomorrow, we will start working on the hard drive that crashed. Wish us luck.

8. My boss feels that Grandpa, Jewely and I, would start feeling better if he bought me a little dog. I think he's right, but I told him I didn't want one from a pet store or a breeder. It has to be from the Humane Society. I'll see what happens.

9. I have taken pics of the new kittens, and will post them just as soon as I get my computer stuff back in order.

Let me tell you about the new kittens and their mommy. I knew she'd had her kittens since over a month ago, but there was no sign of kittens. The last time she had some, she had them in the doghouse I'd bought for them at the 2nd hand store. I looked everywhere for them but couldn't find them.

Well, when we recently had the flood, I heard some little meows coming from my front porch, and when I went to see, I saw two soaking wet kittens in this little compartment I'd also bought for my cats. Little did I know that the momma cat would later bring three more kittens!

What a lesson for humans to learn. This momma cat has put many human mommas to shame, by being a responsible, and loving mother to her kittens. How many human mothers (Susan Smith for example) have murdered their babies?!!

I now have 17 cats! I've already made an appointment with my vet to have the other two kittens spayed and neutered. The momma cat that's have kittens constantly, will have to be captured! I have no idea how in the world I'll do this because it has proved to be impossible to capture her!!

Playgirl's Quote For Today:
The people who are regarded as moral luminaries are those who forego ordinary pleasures themselves and find compensation in interfering with the pleasures of others.
Bertrand Russell


"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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