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No Subject ONE

Thank you LJ friends!

Feeling so very sad about losing Mickey. Jewely doesn't wag her tail anymore, and
all the other outdoor dogs and cats look very sad, too. Grandpa's heartbroken, too.

Thanks to my Boss who was there for me, and who insisted on paying the $643.00 vet
bill for me. Cremation included. Mickey's ashes are now in a little urn on top of
my nightstand, next to my Mom's picture.

I will respond to the comments in my last posts, just as soon as I'm over this.

Got the new hard drive. Microsoft registered, license sticky placed on computer.
Got the old hard drive. No email yet. Must find passwords to everything.

Did I have a back up? How could I not have had one! If I do, where the HELL is it??!!

Became so confused, a couple of days ago, that I somehow thought it was the
latter days of August. I just now edited the dates.

I'm such a late bloomer! I'm a mess.

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