Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

I am prime example of burning the candle at both ends. I had to admit this, but I noticed yesterday at about 5:30 AM, that one of my most profitable domains was gone from the internet. I pay on a yearly basis for 10 domains, and it seems I had not paid for this particular domain which expired in late July. I called immediately and thank God it wasn’t too late. I don’t ever want this to happen again, so I paid for 10 years in ADVANCE for 3 of my most profitable domains!

I can’t understand what is happening to me. I have always managed all these things in an excellent manner, but not as of late.

I’m going to get my act together again, so help me God! I have more than 28 animals, plus Grandpa's livelihood at stake, because they all depend on me! Right now I despise myself! There is just no excuse for all the blunders I’ve made lately!

I had four DOMAIN email accounts I had created. I don't even have ONE anymore!!


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