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Prostate Cancer, Crash, Cats, Dogs

I feel like a wondering spirit who can’t find her soul. I had the hardest time sleeping last night. Little by little, I kept remembering all the things I lost.

My situation is critical, by having had my computer crash yesterday. I can’t help feeling as though half my body is dead. I can’t believe my stupidity. Here I’ve been expressing how important it is to have a backup, and I don’t take my own advice.

There was nothing I could do about my computer yesterday, and had to have a tech come over and pick up my computer. I have asked him to bring back its heart, so I can attempt to extract as much data as I can. I do believe it’s hopeless.

I had many pictures I was going to share with you of actual WWII pictures that man permitted me to take pictures of with my digital camera. So many pictures of cemeteries, Grandpa, the new born kittens, my beautiful yard with its irrigation, so many graphics I’d made, pictures of my mom while she was still alive, and pictures of her in her coffin, pictures of all my dogs and cats, pictures of my dad, brothers, and extra pictures I never shared with you of my trip to Key West, and so much more.

I had a big write up about Prostate cancer, along with many links.

All I can say now is that I feel it is most important that you go immediately and have the test done by your doctor. This test must be done yearly.

Had my dad done this, the cancer would have been detected early, and he wouldn’t have had to have that horrible operation. As it turned out, his cancer was not contained. He is going to have another operation, and will know exactly when by the 11th of this month, plus he’ll have his blood test on the 17th or 18th of this month.

I know this is a topic you’d rather not read about or discuss, but the numbers are astronomical for Prostate cancer. I had the data for you, but since I had the crash I did, it’s all gone. I could do it all over again, but it would take too long, and I feel it’s a matter of life or death that you, my dearest LJ friends, who I love very much, educate yourselves to the max about this horrible things.

Look up anti-cancer foods, and especially Teflon!!
Look up the statistics on prostrate cancer.
Look up EVERYTHING you can about Prostate cancer AND colon cancer!

I now have a total of 17 stray cats!! I thought there were two kittens, but I found three more!! OMG! What am I to do? Now I have to start all over with the spaying and neutering! A grand total of NINE cats to spay and neuter!!!! Plus, I have to start having my 10 stray dogs micro chipped!!

Mickey, my little 4 legged baby isn’t feeling too good.

I think my world is falling apart!!

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