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An Officer and a Gentleman, Sun City Flood

An Officer and a Gentleman
Sun City Flood

The movie, An Officer and a Gentleman, came to my mind, when I went out to that fancy affair with that guy. This officer who danced with a little Ms. Whatever, made this little Ms. Whatever feel like a princess!

I had the best time ever with this wonderful person, who proved to be a true officer and a true gentleman. I won't ever mention him again.

The dress cost me so much money, that I've already made plans to kill two birds with one stone, since I destest spending money foolishly! I'm gonna be buried in it when I die. I mean it!

Here are some pics.

Wow! Incredible, but the City of the Sun, where the temperatures are constantly at least 105 degrees througout the summer, had a flood yesterday!

Don't tell a soul, but since I hadn't seen rain for over a year, I have been doing a little rain dancing on my own, in hopes of bringing on the rain, but NOT this much!

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