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Loving You In Spirit and From Afar

I know this will sound so very corny, but I can't help it.

I made a post in the recent past about thinking I was maybe in love with one of my LJ friends. I made this post in my journal, not because I want to get attention, but because I have NEVER been in love in my REAL life. (There are people like me in this world.) I just don’t have the capacity for this kind of love, and I realize I never will.

Live Journal friends, I truly love you all as friends, and I’ll forever be sending you lots of hugs, love and kisses!

I find myself in a strange predicament. I’ve recently become aware that something is missing from my life, and that is that feeling that all of you are experiencing or have experienced with some special person.

Although, I truly have a secret crush on not twelve, but ten of my LJ friends, there is one who stands out very much in my mind. I have chosen this person to experience these feelings of love that are missing in my REAL life. This person will never know who he is. I will be making romantic posts, filled with much love, ever-so-often, and directed to this person I have chosen to be in love with in my own warped fantasy world.

I’ve come to realize that I am mentally ill (there's no shame in it), because it is impossible for me to have these feelings for someone in my REAL life. When someone in my REAL life, attempts to express the desire for a lasting romantic relationship, I start to suffocate, and end up despising that person.

It is useless to ever question me about this, because I will never let you know. So, let me love you in spirit, from afar. I need to love someone, while there’s still a little bit of human left in me.

You have NO IDEA who you are, Live Journal Guy, but I think I love you...

Nave Sin Rumbo

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