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Animal & Human Mountain Oysters, Penis Pump, Burning Woman

Animal & Human Mountain Oysters,
Penis Pump, Burning Woman

1. Have you ever eaten Rocky Mountain Oysters? I have. I ate some once with horseradish, (bull testicles) when I went to visit a friend in Laredo, Texas.

Mountain Oysters are the testicles of bulls, prairie dogs, sheep, and boar.

So why just bulls, prairie dogs, sheep and boar? Why not human testicles, also?! HOLD your horses before you consider Playgirl a primitive barbarian! Let me explain! Why not, in addition to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, force the convicted child rapist to perform the Deuteronomic law ritual, by removing his own testicles for his heinous crime upon an innocent child?

I believe this mutilation of sexual organs would be a most effective deterrent to this horrible crime against children by these monsters!

Were castration to go into effect, you BETTER believe I'd be the first in line to devour these MONSTERS Rocky Mountain Oysters - RAW!

2. This has to be the most expensive penis pump in history, because it cost him $7,489.91-a-month pension from the state.
Ex-Judge Convicted of Indecent Exposure

3. This has affected me very much. On July 8, 2006, in Cd. Juárez, this 23 year woman was approached by her ex-boyfriend as she was unlocking her car to go to work. He threw a glass of gasoline on her and then lit it with a match. She lived for a couple of day, consumed with horrendous pain. She finally mercifully died. The beast who did this to her, hasn't been caught yet!
Sospechan de ex novio por atentado

How can a person do such a horrible thing, as to set a person on fire? I just don't understand.

Somewhere In Time
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