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There's no hope

Dan is gone, Michael is gone, all the old employees don't exist anymore. (I loved them so much. They were so wonderful.) Darling Roland is gone and the only person who is still there and who is totally knowledgeable is Paul, which makes it impossible to contact because the poor guy is constantly on calls and running the whole show. I hope the owners are paying him oodles of money.

I've always been such a sweet calm person who never lost her temper. Now, thanks to DZN, I'm a nervous wreak, I'm always angry. In short, I've become a total BITCH! I'm even on PROZAC now, because of DZN. I'm so angry. I want to use foul language. I want to go over there and start an uncontrollable tantrum. I want the police there. I want a paddy wagon to go and pick me up.

Why me???????????????? I HATE you DZN!!!!
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